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What the Readers Said

Jessica Peoples, Westerville, OH: "Story of Enduring…" (1/24/01) 5.0 out of 5 stars

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This story ... shows the power of one man overcoming the struggles that he faced. During a time of hatred and judgment, William Fujita found a way endure. World War II was not the best time for him and his family. Each day he faces the cruelty of people around him. But through the friendships with people he came to work with, he was able to love and prevail over evil.

The book takes the reader into the mind of a man that is suffering through a lot and finding the strength to endure. Not only is this book encouraging, but it also shows a life that many chose not to see during World War II. The description shows the truth that had been hidden. However, now it has become a great story of discovery. A discovery of the lives that people tried to block out. It is not an extravagant tale of a man that went on to be famous. The story is about a simple man that still made a difference and had to face the prejudice numerous times in his life.

A reader, New York City: "Wonderful, fresh, book" (8/23/98) fivestars

This is an incredibly fresh and wonderful look at Asian-American issues - past present and future - as well as other issues that are universal to both adults and children of all races

Chades6 (at) aol.com (25 year old assistant DA in NYC): "Extraordinary book" (1/5/99) fivestars

Extraordinary and unique novel about a Japanese-American during World War II America.

Capitola Book Café: (5/25/96)

"This extraordinary debut novel by a respected teacher of Asian American studies and writing at the University of Wisconsin tells the story of one of America's darkest moments: the internment of hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans during World War ll. As it spans five generations it focuses on the life and spiritual changes of William Fujita, a skilled nurseryman in Pasadena who is interned at Gila River, Arizona. Ikeda's novel seeks deeper human truths of reconciliation and peace in remarkable ways."

A reader: "It is a great book; beautifully written, important story" (10/27/96) fivestars

Just read it and hope Mr. Ikeda keeps writing for a long time to come

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