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Stewart David Ikeda is author of the novel, What the Scarecrow Said, published by HarperCollins-Regan Books.  His work has also appeared in anthologies including Voices of the Xiled (Doubleday/Main Street Books), Yellow Light (Temple University Press), Last Witnesses (Palgrave Press), and MIXED (Norton), among others.

Diversity Presentations

A former professor of college ethnic studies and English courses, Stewart David Ikeda has been a featured speaker and instructor at conferences, workshops, multimedia presentations, classrooms, and organizational gatherings nationwide.  His speaking engagements have focused on topics ranging from workplace and educational diversity to civil liberties, new media to traditional arts, and politics to marketing.


[New] Media and WebWork

Well-rounded new media professional with expertise in online content development, editorial management, community-building and partnership outreach in a 24/7 multi-site publishing environment.

Diverse tasks ranged from significant site design and webmastering to feature writing, from staff management to business partnerships to targeted, multicultural outreach and promotions.


Finding Additional Information

While I'm reconstructing, you can also find me at http://linkedin.com/in/ikeda or http://twitter.com/sdikeda

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